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Optimize your company

Custom Web Applications

Evolve how you do business with your customers. Web Robotics™ Mach allows you to build custom software apps for a monthly subscription and you own it! No heavy down payments, no hidden cost and never hear the word NO.
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Create apps for your customers or employees

Custom Workflow

Build your very own CRM, ERP, POS or just your own custom app. Out of the box solutions have failed over and over again as they do not fit the business using it. Manage your employees performance and customer satisfaction in one place. Schedule call today.
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As technology advances, so should you!

Scalable Code

Being cool takes a lot of work and maintenance. Web Robotics™ behind the scenes upgrades and adds the latest and greatest code to your software while you continue to grow your business.
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Add the power of the cloud to your app

Global Access

Work from home, the office, your mobile phone, just about anywhere. All Web Robotics™ apps are stored, hosted and managed in Amazons secure data center. Now you have can have a Robot and a Cloud, POWERFULL STUFF!
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Need some ideas, We can help. 888-534-6477 CALL US TODAY

Game Types

Sports, Racing, Shooting, Strategy, Interactive Game Play, we have the technology to power and develop your concept. We have engineers who developed for EA® Games.

Making App Money

We help you monetize your app with mobile ads and in-app purchases. Apps can be very profitable with the right model and customer options.

Want Your Own Online Game?

Turn your game idea into reality. Everyday 1000 new games launch into the online market with great success. Don’t let your idea be taken by someone else. Web Robotics™ Mach makes it easy to design and development with low monthly cost.

Start Your Own Social Media

If Facebook® and Twitter® can do it, why can’t you? Start your own Social Media platform for a specific industry, audience type or special project. Use Real-Time chat technology and posting systems to create a new and innovative social environment.

Chat System

Videos and Pictures


Posting Wall

Mobile Access

Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Want to automate your prospect and customer touch-points, or have a unique workflow? Subscription based solutions just don’t work, and we know it. If your company is unique, so are your processes. Automate with triggers and conditions with 100% personal branding. When using Subscription CRM’s, it can run you up to $99 per seat. Why pay that when you can build your own. Give us a call for more details.

Personal Branding

100% Ownership

Reporting Tools


Real-Time Dashboards



How To Build Your Web App

Let’s break apart the Web Robotics™ engine for a moment


Discuss your idea with the team

Give our engineers a brief overview of what kind of app you want to build and it's purpose

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect yourself and your idea. Send us an NDA to sign, that way you know we don't share your idea with anyone.

Nuts and bolts

We break down every feature and function to ensure the app has a connected system for a great user experience. This is where things get interesting

Wire Framing

We frame out the look and feel of the app to match against what's in your head.


The engineers begin shaping your app into place. This process varies on time depending on the size of your app. Don't worry, we communicate with you all the way through.

Quality Assurance

Our quality team steps in and review the millions of lines of code, just to make sure things are done properly

Alpha Testing

We assign a small team of internal testers to re-confirm all database and app functions are working properly. Also known as app debugging

Beta Testing

You get your first hands-on look and feel of your work of art. This is where you get your team in place to test the app inside out. If any changes need to be made, we handle it in this phase.

Full Deployment

We launch your app online for your public or internal users to begin using full time.

The Technology Behind Your App

Not only do you get the best team, you always have the latest technology powering your app

Choose the right Robot for you.

Don’t see a plan that fits your needs, that’s because your trying to change the world. To change the world you need to give us a call so we can discuss the “VAULT” options


Web Robotics™ Mach III

For business applications
Custom Application Flow
Multi User System
Custom Automation
Custom Layout
All Web Apps Include Dedicated Hosting
Requires a 12-Month Commitment
From $599.99/per month
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Web Robotics™ Mach IV

Unique apps
Custom Framework
Multi Level Users
Full Admin Panel
Customizable Widgets
All Web Apps Include Dedicated Hosting
Requires a 12-Month Commitment
From $899.99/per month
Build My App

Web Robotics™ Mach V

Games and social platforms
Real-Time Chat and Messaging
SessionPause and Resume
Login With Facebook®
Featrued Ads and Banners
All Web Apps Include Dedicated Hosting
Requires a 12-Month Commitment
From $1059.99/per month
Build My App

Need Help? Give Us A Call 888-534-6477

Give us a call, Web Robotics™ agents are online and available to set you up.

Web Robotics™ Guarantee

No need to worry, a promise is a promise.