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Drag N Drop Builder

Visual Content Editor

Premium Templates

Amazon Hosting

2 Business E-MailBoxes

Daily Server Backups


Webmail Access

Mobile App Editor

SEO Toolbox

Shopping Cart

Security Firewall

Order Management


Don’t have time to manage your robot? Hire us, we got you covered!

Build a Beautiful Mobile Friendly Website

Web Robotics™ UBot provides with the latest technology and most vibrant templates to choose from. Choose from thousands of pre-configured customizations that fit your purpose and business type. UBot offers premium themes at no extra cost , and we keep adding and upgrading while you focus on your business and customers. Powered by WordPress, you have the worlds best platform with a smart robotic helper that suggests the best move and fit to keep you growing.

Drag and Drop Editor

UBot Drag and Drop editor powered by Visual Composer makes creating or editing a page quick and easy. No coding needed, UBot comes with thousands of pre-configured add-ons. Add pages, sections, images, content, animations, forms or even sliders in just 2 easy clicks, save and publish.

UBot editor also brings a new vibrancy and view to blogs post with fully customizable article setup. Need Shortcodes? UBot allows you to copy and paste scripts, short-codes and even HTML. No extra cost, it’s all included. Save $499 on licensing.

Free Versioning configuration with all UBot platforms. Make a mistake? Restore it in 2 clicks.

Finding the right look!

UBot comes with thousands of dynamic choices that will bring out the attraction of the business. All businesses have a unique process and special offering, you get 1 chance to impress new online shoppers, let’s do it right the 1st time. Any industry, any product, any service or any idea, UBot has a fit. Being building on minutes, view our pre-configured choices, select, and install. Need Help? Our team of professional will guide you in the right direction.

Sell Online

UBot, the ultimate salesman! Add a shopping cart to your store by enabling Woo Commerce. The world’s largest commerce platform is now yours to power your online sales. Manage orders, add products, add shipping, add tax rates, add images, just about anything you need to showcase your product with UBot. UBot includes an order fulfillment platform for maximum customer satisfaction. Sign up today and begin selling online.

Amazon AWS Hosting Included!

UBot forgets nothing! We don’t just give you a well-rounded tool-box, you and your customers get a place to store and access it. Web Robotics™ is an Amazon.com AWS Partner and includes FREE Hosting with UBot. cPanel access allows you to host, manage files, security firewalls, daily backups and server maintenance at no extra cost. Save $350 a year on a managed server environment with UBot.

Show Up In Google Search!

UBot will guide you through getting your website to show up for the applicable keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. Powered by Yoast, UBot doest want your website to be a sign in the desert, UBot pre-configures your search engine snippets and site for maximum exposure. Your tool-box includes an SEO mapper, keyword tagging, image tagging, content preview, Google Analytics embed code and Google Web Master plugin.


Page Analysis

XML Site Maps


Meta Tagging

Keyword Analysis

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From $24.99/per month

Web Robotics™ UBot

All the premium features for a low monthly cost. Website + SEO Too-Box + Amazon® Hosting + Expert Support.
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Add $14/per month

UBot + SSL

UBot + SSL package includes all the premium UBot features plus an extended validation SSL. An extended validation SLL puts your company name in green in the browser address bar. Extra security, boost credibility
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Add $30/1 Time Fee

UBot Setup

Don't have time to setup and configure your UBot? Hire our expert team to take care of it for you! Add $30 setup fee to your UBot subscription and our team will deploy your template, install all plugins, setup email and connect Google Analytics, Google Web Master and WordPress mobile access for your wesbitse.
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Add $2/per month

UBot + Mobile App

Take UBot to mobile phones. We have engineered the 1st platform ever that will deploy a mobile app with your Website and submit to iOS and Google Play Store. Contact us for your Apple and Android App store Key, $99 Apple Key and $49 Android Key, 1 Time Fee.
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Quick Start Guide

How to get started with Web Robotics™ UBot


Activate Your Account

Activate online or over the phone.

Access Credentials

Our team will deploy your server and provide WP and cPanel access in 48 hours.

Choose Your Theme

Select with layout from our gallery you would like to install

Add Content

Add your pages, images and content

Publish Online

After reviewing, publish your site online in a few clicks

Setup SEO

Configure your SEO structure

Bring To Live Your Dream!

Doing yourself can be easy, with the right tools. UBot has taken the pain away from finding solutions and added it to one place.

Auto Upgrades

You always have the latest technology with UBot. Every day UBot gets a new feature or upgrades for your access, at no extra cost. As UBot makes it’s was around the world for you, it’s bringing back analytical data that will show you how to reach more customers.

No Contract

We don’t hold you hostage to UBot. We know you won’t leave once you discover the smart systems of UBot, but still, you are in our best interest. Join millions of business using the UBot connected components and begin your online journey.